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A 'pre-album' combining our past releases along with three new tracks on 12" vinyl, released on 7th April 2017 via Big Scary Monsters.


released April 7, 2017

Artwork by Alex Fullerton

Tracks 1-3, 7, 8 recorded by Dominic Rippel and mixed by Alexander Peterson

Tracks 4-7 and 10 recorded and mixed by Alexander Peterson

Tracks 11-14 recorded and mixed by Dominic Rippel

All tracks mastered by Bob Cooper


tags: punk Oxford


all rights reserved


Cassels Oxford, UK

We're a two piece comprised of two brothers, however please note that neither of these facts should be considered noteworthy.

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Track Name: The Weight
This glib substitute for wit
Drips from smirking lips
And I hope I've applied
Just the right amount of glint to my eye
To imply
All I'm saying is a sarcastic lie

It buries me
Under the weight
Of having to be
A real person
What a burden

I'm hoping cynicism
Will pass as lyricism
And I'm hoping conviction
Will mask repetition
Will mask repetition

Maybe I
Should excercise
My demons at the gym
(Happiness is for the thin)
And the sting
From injecting the steroids in
Forms my features into a sickening grin

Get set
Jet set
Budget airline to warmer climbs
I recycle so it's fine.
I set flight to the Twittersphere with alarming alacrity
To ensure all my small talk is broadcasted publicly
And I moan
And I spout negativity
But for once I'm going to try and say something honestly:

Why am I
So petrified
Of looking you in the eye?
Over time
I think I've learnt to hide
How much I struggle with the mundane
How much I struggle with the day to day
I hope this resonates with you in some way
Track Name: Opia
The sense of intense nausea like a diver with the bends
Or like eating a rancid fish from the filthiest bows of the river Thames
I observe the tangential relationship between the corrosion of the soul
And the mass of untouched fruit slowly decaying in the bowl

Now that thick commuter crush acts as a savage reminder you’re alive
While the sense of dissatisfaction continues streaming from your eyes
And these eyes feel like another’s forced into my sagging sockets
And I’m terrified my mobile phone is watching the inside of my pockets

If we stand close enough together maybe we can convince ourselves that we’re all having fun
Even those who’ve braved the show alone, intermittently staring at their phones not talking to anyone

I find it best not to dwell
On the things I’ve been told
Are of the utmost importance.
I find it hard enough to deal
With the things I’ve been told
Are of little-to-no significance.
Track Name: The World Doesn't Need Another You or Me
We throw back up
Our parents’ vomit
That’s the way it goes
No way to stop it

And there’s no escape
We’re infested with errors
Repeat the mistakes
Of our selfish sires

We seemed like new pets
Filled with life and promise
But as you fed us with your faults
We began to choke
Track Name: Sights for Sore Eyes
I can hear the germs move on my skin
And there's a sea of people watching me from my
Television screen
I'm too scared to go out
I'm afraid to stay in

And I haven't seen
Another human being
Since I was forced to buy the supplies I'm not eating
And there's so many things to keep me entertained
But when it's impossible to sleep
And so hard to stay awake
It's all the same
Track Name: 666 Feet
666 feet below our streets
Is where we'll hide the corpses of the benefit cheats
And turn their flesh to meat to feed this hardworking country

The scroungers and scoundrels are just the ones with no jobs
The collective conscience has short-term memory loss

We're all lost
Track Name: I Swipe Right
Chivalry's dead
I shot him square between the eyes
And Romance is dead
Now I want to bury her
Deep between your thighs
And cry there
Our sexual secretions fill the wires
Download your perversions and desires

All that's left
Is our faces on a screen
And it seemed such fun
Playing like Jesus
And pointing Caesar's thumb

I could be anyone
I swipe right
I swear I only want to talk to you
I swear I am one of the golden few
The chosen few
It's true
Track Name: Hating is Easy
An absent gaze
Is all it takes
To win weak hearts

A look misconstrued
As romantic or lewd
Is commonplace

And I would love you
But loving is scary
So I'll just hate you
Hating is easy

Hating is easy
Track Name: Flock Analogy
If you answer to, what you perceive to be, a higher authority
Whose only concern is preserving the good name of their fading deity
Then all of your actions will become infallible by proxy
Sweeping under the rug leaves no incentive to stop
A fish rots from the head down

Ostensibly caring shepherds of flocks
Are wolves in disguise
They hide disgusting minds
Behind kind lying eyes

This systemic purity is pure fettered fallacy
And if I can continue with an appropriately phallic analogy;
Clergymen’s members maim and dismember
While arch-diocese lie time and time and time again

The irony must be lost on this cess-pit of sin
As they continue to clip their own angels wings
Forgive the fathers’ indiscretion when they let the demons in
And don’t teach the kids to question or they might question what you’re teaching
Track Name: Beach Baby
The boy starts to think, ‘maybe I’m just a waste of breath?’
That’s what the mind resorts to when life’s only purpose becomes trying to avoid death
The girl thinks, ‘to breathe is to fear, so now I’m scared to breathe’
And the rubble on the streets seem as natural as the tears on cheeks
And the screams

Me and father and mum can’t run quick enough to safety
Another country
A Mecca in the West
Where the tabloid press call us pests
I think they want me dead
Did I fail some kind of unspoken test?
Actually, you know what, fuck it – don’t waste your breath.
Track Name: Ignoring all the Tunnels and Lights
I’m so glad I’m not your pet
When dogs start shitting in the house
It’s time to put them down
Time to put them out of their misery

So what happens when incontinence arrives
At the same time as the 10 different pills I have to take each night just to get to sleep?
What does that mean for me?
Should I still be here?

If the fork becomes too heavy and my dentures start to slip
Please syphon all my food and fluid through an IV drip
And do you know what
I’ve never been that fussed about walking that much anyway
And I’m not bothered by all the appointments and the prodding and the x-rays

Just don’t let me breathe my last breath
I know it’s pretty bad but there’s no fate worse than death

You’ll have to learn CPR in case I pass out from laughing too hard
And you might have to spare a kidney if you want to hold on to me
As for me, I’ll just keep
Ignoring all the tunnels and lights
And cross my fingers for another night

The old man says ‘it’s not my time yet!’
To a son with a gun and a look of solemn resignation
Track Name: Well Fed Worms in a Graveyard
Death throws up no surprises these days
I’ve become numb and it’s becoming a bore
And a chore
To invest emotionally in these irksome famines and wars
If you could give me a summary in less than 140 characters
It’s just life is more digestible when fed through these parameters
So turn suffering into a sentence
A massacre
Into an exclamation mark
Track Name: You Us and They
Apparently our wellbeing isn’t a given right but is in a state which is transient
And I’m a fucking idiot; I got run over by the last remaining ambulance
My ersatz ego transplant made me happy for a while
But then I wound up in a two mile queue
Outside the hospital waiting room
And I stood there with a bride and groom
Who couldn’t afford
To abort
The baby in her womb

To cut the deficit they’ll cut our throats
To balance the budgets they will break our bones
For their own benefit they’ll crush our hope
Why don’t they just gas the polling chambers as we line up to…

Now I’m renting out my kneecaps to oligarchs as ashtrays
And I won’t get those cruciate ligaments back for another dozen pay-day loans
It’s so roomy in the private wing; they’ve got all the ventilators
But please don’t take this as chagrin, no
It’s just a fact of nature
We were born into the wrong class, into the wrong skin
Our leaders
Every right
To hate us

To cut the deficit they’ll cut our throats
To balance the budgets they will break our bones
For their own benefit they’ll crush our hope
Why don’t they just gas the polling chambers as we line up to…
Why don’t they just gas the polling chambers as we line up to…
Track Name: Cool Box
The ‘you’ in this song is a real person
Not just some abstract figment of an overactive imagination
A documentation of scars from an old home
Innumerable cuts all too close to the bone

You exiled two sons to be lord of your manor
Rearranging home furnishings to in some way placate your anger
A nameless kind of fury at some invisible population
All of whom you hold responsible for your current shit situation
And I know that when you hear this you’ll want to retaliate and attack
Well go shout at the cats, mate
They don’t answer back.

You hit my brother
Cus he saw straight through
Your bullshit and bluster
I think it scares you that he’s not scared of you

Now your wife’s working weekends to pay for your mistakes
That, and to ensure when he’s at home her second born is safe
Now I can’t help but wonder why she doesn’t up and leave
I guess that must be the kind of dependency abusive relationships breed

You hit my brother
Cus he saw straight through
Your bullshit and bluster
I think it scares you that he’s not scared of you

But as for our mother
Sadly, I don’t think that’s true
And if you really loved her
You would have never put her through the things that you’ve put her through